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C.F. Sharp Group

The C.F. Sharp group is a progressive and diversified group of companies anchored on manning, shipping, trading and logistics. Each company guided by the principles and values that have long made C.F. Sharp one of the reputable organizations in the Philippines.

Our History

Don Antonio V. Rocha, President of Manila Shipping Inc., General Agent in the Philippines for States Steamship Corporation and Mr. Chester F. Sharp, Owners Representative of States Steamship, decided to venture out on their own in the shipping industry.


100% Filipino-owned

The company became a 100% Filipino owned corporation when Don Antonio Rocha bought the interests of Mr. Chester F. Sharp.

Today, the C.F. SHARP GROUP has expanded from its original business of Liner and Husbanding Agencies, to being a leader in the fields of Crewing, Travel, Freight Forwarding, Brokerage, Air Cargo, Land-based Recruiting and Training.

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